What Debts Are Not Dischargeable in a Georgia Chapter 7

While filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out a majority of the debts you owe, there are certain debts that cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy. Knowing which debts are and are not dischargeable will prevent you from making the mistake of filing (or not filing) bankruptcy.  For instance, many people falsely believe that medical debts cannot be wiped out by filing a Chapter 7 in Atlanta.  This is simply not true.  Medical debt is the second highest cause of Georgians filing bankruptcy, and the underlying medical bills are absolutely dischargeable.

Debts That Survive Your Bankruptcy

When I talk about debts that survive bankruptcy, I am referring to debts that you will still be obligated to pay after you receive your discharge.  Here is a list of debts that are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy:

1. Debt resulting from a DUI judgment

2. Criminal Fines

3. Certain taxes (though some tax debts can be wiped out)

4. Debt incurred though fraud

5. Domestic Support Obligations (child support or alimony)

6. Student Loans (there is a hardship discharge, but the bar is so high regrading the burden of proof that virtually nobody has been successful in claiming a hardship discharge)

7. Judgments obtained where the underlying tort was an intentional and malicious act

8. Debts incurred within 90 days of filing for a luxury good or service.

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