What Can Bankruptcy Do For Me – Georgia Bankruptcy Law?

I hear this question all the time, and it is an important question that I hope every client asks so they will completely understand what filing bankruptcy in Atlanta can do for their financial future.  Among other things, bankruptcy can:

  • Stop a foreclosure, though a Chapter 7 will only temporarily stop a foreclosure of your residence (or other real property).  If an attorney tells you that he is going to file a Chapter 7 to stop the foreclosure of your home, walk straight out of the door.  I often see confused debtors show up to court on a “Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay” hearing in front of the bankruptcy judge.  In Chapter 7, the debtor has two choices when it comes to real property: 1) Sign a reaffirmation agreement or 2) Surrender the property back to the lender. If you want to stop foreclosure of your home and have the chance to catch-up your payments, ask your attorney about filing Chapter 13.
  • Stop a wage garnishment.
  • Stop all creditor collection activity, including harassing phone calls and letters.
  • Stop a utility disconnection.
  • Stop a car repossession, allow you to catch-up on your payments, lower your payments, and possibly lower the amount you will owe.
  • Lower your monthly payments to all creditors.
  • Eliminate your personal liability on almost all your debts, including credit card debt and medical bills.
Request a Case Consultation

I offer free consultations to individuals looking to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (the consumer chapters). If you think your business needs to file Chapter 11, I will provide a free 15 minute consultation followed by a paid consultation. Student loan assistance is $150.00 for a 30-minute consultation.

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