Chapter 7 Timeline in Atlanta

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Atlanta is the quickest way to obtain a fresh start on your life.  Unlike Chapter 13, Chapter 7 is a financial snap-shot of your life, and all debts arising before that snap-shot in time are wiped out.

Immediately – Meet with your Atlanta bankruptcy attorney for a free consultation to discuss your situation. If you think you may need the help of a bankruptcy attorney, please do not hesitate to take advantage of a free case evaluation, as the timing of your petition has substantial consequences.

Within Days – You will receive a longer questionnaire to fill out, which must be filled out completely, as the bankruptcy code requires all of this information prior to filing.  You will also need to complete your pre-bankruptcy credit counseling requirement with a U.S. Trustee approved agency. Don’t worry, these are very plentiful, and I can give you recommendations.

Within 10 Days – File your bankruptcy petition. After you have filled out the appropriate paperwork and hand-delivered, emailed, o faxed the appropriate documents to me, I will prepare your petition and file it with the court.

30 Days After Filing – You and your Atlanta bankruptcy attorney will attend the “341” Hearing together.  This is a low-stress meeting, and likely the only time you will have to go to court.

60 Days After Filing – If you have any debts you wish to reaffirm, this is the time to do it.  Reaffirming a debt means signing a new agreement with a creditor providing that you will still be obligated to the creditor after you receive your discharge. This is a completely voluntary agreement, and there are only a few reasons to file a reaffirmation agreement.

90 Days After Filing – Within 90 days of filing, you will be requires to complete your second credit counseling course. Again, this will not take but a little of your time and can be completed online.

90 – 120 days After Filing –  Congratulations! You have probably received your bankruptcy discharge and your case is closed.  You are no loner personally liable for the debt incurred prior to filing.


Request a Case Consultation

I offer free consultations to individuals looking to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (the consumer chapters). If you think your business needs to file Chapter 11, I will provide a free 15 minute consultation followed by a paid consultation. Student loan assistance is $150.00 for a 30-minute consultation.

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